Cookies, popcorn balls and sweets…oh my!




Walk with Abby

You may be asking, “What does ‘Walk with Abby’ mean?”. Abby is my beautiful 10 year old niece, who has been battling with End Stage Kidney Disease for the past 2 years. She has been walking a long journey to be healthy again, and just last month she finally received her kidney transplant that we’ve all been praying and waiting for! We had a welcome home party for her and these are just some of the little creations I whipped up for her đŸ™‚

If you are interested in reading about her journey, visit

We walk with Abby, we walk with YOU and God walks with us ALL :]

Welcome home banner

Giant get well card

Kidney awareness cupcakes

Greeting cards

A few little cards I  made with scrapbook paper, gems and stickers.

Baby shower envelope (top) and card (bottom)

Baby shower envelope (L) and card (R)

Inside of card

Wedding card

Birthday card